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The summer and fall of 2017 have been an especially unusual time for haze producing (from regional fires) red sunsets and moon rises. The solar eclipse in August was the gift that kept on giving for many photographers.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase any of these nature images.



I am passionate about photographing weddings, special events, performances and family portraiture.  I work with an assistant with large formal weddings as well as outdoor, more casual weddings.  I photograph concerts at Benaroya Hall as well as other performance venues. Photographing celebrations, large or small from children’s birthdays to family reunions to celebrating grandparents or a new baby are joyful occasions that I love to capture.  Joyful, passionate, meaningful moments captured for you to hold and enjoy for many years. Making photo books, slideshows with your favorite music, or creating treasured images placed on a large selection of useful or playful objects to remind you of your loved ones throughout the day are ways that I help you savor and share.

I look forward to working with you to create beautiful images for you.

There are more comments about what my clients have to say about my photography here:  “About Linda/Testimonials”



“I am no fan of being photographed, yet Linda was a breeze to work with! I appreciate her efficiency, gentleness, the quality and timeliness of her work – that is, her approach as well as the final product is a satisfying, seamless whole. Two thumbs up to the sky!” – Pennie O.


“I literally have tears in my eyes–they are so beautiful. Both the kids and the pictures. Thank you Linda!”- Karen D.

Erica and Diane

“Linda was a pleasure to work with. We were impressed with her professionalism. We knew from the very first phone call that we could count on her to come through for us.” – Erica and Diane

byron_benaroya_april 150x150

“During concerts at Benaroya or Cornish or at my home practice sessions, Linda has the ability to sneak in, take some amazing pictures, and sneak out. We don’t even realize she’s there and so she is able to capture us in a very authentic and unself-conscious way.” -Byron S.


“Linda came to my home and took photographs of my daughter and myself. It was convenient, fun, and resulted in some lovely pictures of us and a professional picture I use in most of my professional communications. I’m a satisfied customer looking forward to our next shoot.
Thanks Linda!” – Judy K.


“Thanks to Linda and her photographs, we have been able to convey our brand and show our unique personality to our audience. She is kind and easy-going, and was great at both incorporating our ideas and bringing her own to the table.” -Lynda T


“Working with Linda has been a pleasure. The view from Linda’s lens is creative, thoughtful and unique. Taking portraits can be unnerving, but with Linda’s calm nature she creates an environment that makes being in front of the camera easier. I recommend connecting with Linda for all your photography needs.” -M. Johnson